Advocacy For All are proud to announce a new project in Bexley for people with an Autism diagnosis that would like support moving home.

AfA have created a focused community advocacy service that provides help, support, advice and advocacy addressing the housing and independence needs for people with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC).

  • Do you have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, or ASC and other disabilities?
  • Do you live in the borough of Bexley?
  • Would you like to have support to understand your housing options ?
  • Support to apply for housing
  • Information about being a tenant and paying bills
  • Support with being prepared to move

If so then a 1 – 1 Advocate may be able to support you to take the next step in applying for housing.

Please click here to download a leaflet about this project

This project is funded by: