Easy Read


make your services easier to use

Everybody has the right to get information in the way that they understand. 

The law says that if you run a service you must do your best to make it easy to use. This includes having information in easy read.


what is easy read?

Easy read is information that is easy to understand

  • information that is important and useful
  • short words and short sentences
  • photographs, pictures, symbols

The government says that people with a learning difficulty or disability should be involved in making easy read.

who are we?

Bromley Together easy read group is a group of people with a learning difficulty. We have been doing easy read work since 2005. See some of our work below


our services

Bromley Together can

  • tell you how to make your information better
  • make your documents into easy read
  • support you with easy read training

examples of our work


Choosing Activity (2011)
- for Avenues Trust

This was an early piece of work. We found new ways of showing information using different colours and layouts. It’s a part of life that people need to know about. We did this work with the Avenues Trust and we launched it at Bromley Town Football Club.We said

How to Stop Abuse (2014)
- for Bromley Council

This is an important piece of work. It is about getting it out there about abuse and people being abused. Disabled people and older people need to understand it, so it needs to be in easy read.We said

Making it Stop (2011)
- for Merton Centre for
Independent Living

It’s a very important piece of work. The easy read has things like graphs and speech bubbles. It includes difficult and upsetting information, but people have a right to know.We said
Advocacy for All have worked on making a number of our documents easy read. They have not always been the easiest documents to translate but the team are extremely helpful and great at what they do. The documents are always produced to a very high standard.Merton Centre for Independent Living

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