Bromley Together Training Team

The Bromley Together Training team (BTTT) are different work group that come together to share what they have been doing. We also talk about what we would like to do in the future. The different work groups are the:

• The A Team: A safeguarding team run by people with learning disabilities/difficulties (LD) and with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC)

• The Media Team: working for Advocacy For All using social media to give people with LD and ASC a voice

• The News Team: Puts together the Bromley Together newsletter 3 times a year, covering our groups

• The Easy Read Team: AfA get paid for the Easy Read team to work on different project, doing reports and minutes from businesses and councils. The team put things into easy read, getting rid of hard words and jargon.

• Money Matters Team: to help people cope with the cost of living crisis with bills, etc. Making videos, having meetings, going to conferences and writing reports, with top tips and advice.

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