Children In Need project & Childrens’ Advocacy

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Advocacy For All’s media team helped to produce a series of podcasts where we talk to young people and their families around how this project has helped them. Episodes are below:
Episode 1        Episode 2         Episode 3

For a video describing the project please click on the link below:

This project is supported by BBC Children In Need.

We can accept General Children’s advocacy referrals from members of the public and other professionals.


An Advocate is an independent adult who helps a child or a young person to have their opinions, views and feeling heard by adults that make decisions about them.

What does an advocate do?

An advocate:

  • is an independent adult who supports children and young people to have their voice heard or represent their views for them in meetings where decisions are made about them
  • helps children and young people to understand their rights
  • enables children and young people to make a complaint if they are not happy about something
  • ensures that a child or young person’s views and feelings are heard and that they are fully involved in decisions about their lives
  • helps children or young person to understand the process that is happening

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