General Advocacy

We provide a number of non-statutory general advocacy services in different areas. Each service is bespoke to the area in which we deliver it.

General advocacy covers a wide range of client groups and issues, where statutory types of advocacy do not apply. We work with people who have learning disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues, autism or Asperger’s, or some other kind of substantial difficulty.

Advocacy, depending on the area you live, may cover some of the following issues that people face, such as:

  • Housing
  • Benefits
  • Complaints
  • Parenting or child protection processes
  • Employment
  • Rights

Some of our contracts cover this work, and sometimes general advocacy is spot purchased in addition to the contracts we hold.

Currently, we deliver the following non-statutory general advocacy as follows:


Community Learning Disability advocacy (through Bromley Together, and Community Mental Health advocacy (delivered by our partners The Advocacy People)


Community Learning Disability advocacy (does not cover financial assessments or parenting), and Community Mental Health advocacy (delivered by our partners Mind in Croydon)

If you are interested in spot purchasing general advocacy, please see our Spot Purchase options here
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