We run two groups in Sutton for people with learning disabilities. Speak Up Sutton is for adults and Action Voices is for young people (aged 12-25). Information about both groups can be found below.

Speak up Sutton

Who we work with:

Adults aged 18 and over that have learning disabilities and live, work or study in the London Borough of Sutton.

The aims of the group are:

  • To give a voice to our members to speak up on various issues affecting people with learning disability
  • Have regular meetings to discuss useful, practical and basic ideas that members can take back to the council to resolve
  • Represent people with a learning difficulties at various national meetings
  • Organise and support the Sutton Partnership board to give a voice to a wider community of people in the borough with learning difficulties

What we do:

  • Meet weekly for open meetings
  • Work with the Police on issues like hate or mate crime
  • Invite people from the council to talk and resolve issues
  • Have social days’ out
  • Hold practical workshops
  • Work with the young people’s group (Action Voices)
  • Talk about issues that affect our everyday lives like education, health, transport and relationships

Action Voices Sutton

Who we work with:

Young people (aged 12-25) with learning disabilities.

What do we do?

  • Group discussions
  • Learn how to speak up
  • Be confident!
  • Drama, dance, music and exercise
  • Drumming sessions
  • Social events like bowling, going to the pub and games
  • Independent travel training
  • Mystery shopping

You have a voice. What you say matters!

  • Action Voices speak up to the council
  • You can help make important changes to make life better for young people with disabilities
  • Join us to speak up and have fun!