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We have different spot purchase packages to suit all levels of involvements and budgets!

Advocacy for All provide different types  of Advocacy.

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When to refer for Advocacy

• From the first point of contact advocacy should be considered

• If your client has substantial difficulty and no-one appropriate to facilitate their involement.

• If the person lacks capacity and are unbefriended

• If the person requests an advocate

Involvements include: (except NHS complaints)

• Care act assessments and reviews

• IMCA decisions

• Children’s Advocacy

• Parenting Advocacy Around Child Protection Proceedings

• Rule 1.2

• RPR Relevant person paid representative

• Safeguarding process

How to make a referral:

If you are unsure about making a referral you can speak to our referrals team who will assist you in making your referral and check eligibility of your client and advise if we have capacity to accept the referral. We are here to help.

Referrals have to be made by a professional

• Contact our referrals team on tel: 0345 310 1812 option 2

• Email:

• Information about our different types of advocacy:

• Download referral forms:

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